Lease Documents

Utility Information

This information covers the majority of our properties, however in some cases utilities may be covered by the owner if specified in the listing

Utility Apartment Stand Alone House
Gas Tenant Tenant
Electric Tenant Tenant
Water $16 Per Bedroom/Per Month Charged by the City
Trash $10 Per Bedroom/Per Month Tenant
Internet Tenant Tenant
Snow Removal (plowing*) Owner Owner
Lawn Care Owner Owner

*We have a few select driveways that our plow cannot fit in. It is always the tenant’s responsibility to shovel their steps and walkways. Salt is available at our office for walkways free of charge

Upon signing your lease it is your responsibility to call and have all utilities switched into your name prior to your move-in date. You must keep all utilities in your name for the entire duration of your lease.
To have your utilities switched into your name you may call:

Please follow these guidelines provided by the City of Burlington for proper disposal of all trash and waste. If you have questions regarding your trash & recycling you may call Myers Trash (802.655.4312) or Bissonette Properties for further information. Please note, in Burlington there is a mandatory recycling ordinance.

  • There is no trash allowed on the “green belt” (this is the strip of grass between the sidewalk and road. The City will issue a ticket to anyone who puts trash, furniture or other belongings on the greenbelt. If we are charged by the City of Burlington, Code Enforcement a fine due to these items being on our property, this fine will be your responsibility. We will deduct this amount from your damage deposit if you haven’t paid in full prior to your vacating the apartment.
  • Large items such as furniture, electronics etc. may not be put in dumpsters or trash cans. Any large items left behind will be taken from your security deposit or billed to you. You may contact ReSOURCE VT (802.857.4361), 1-800-GOT-JUNK or Myers Trash (802.655.4312) for large item trash removal.
  • Bissonette Properties is responsible for regular household trash removal. This does not include furniture, tires, TV’s, computers, electronics, and appliances (etc). If Bissonette Properties is charged for any additional fees by Myers Trash, you will be held responsible for all charges incurred.


  • Burlington mandates recycling and strictly enforces the ordinance. You must comply with these regulations on recycling. To recycle, you sort and separate recyclable materials from all other solid waste and place recyclables in proper recycling containers provided. If the local jurisdiction finds you to be in violation of any provisions of the recycling laws, you may be fined. To start recycling or to receive your free Blue Bins, you can call Chittenden Solid Waste District at 802.863.3827.

Finalizing a Lease

Congrats! You have been approved and now it is time to start thinking about securing that unit you love! Here are the things we need to secure your apartment or house:

  • Set up a time to come into our office to sign the lease and put down the security deposit and registration fee
  • Security deposit is equal to one month’s rent with any addition fees folded in (pet/trash/water). If you are paying by check this payment should be made out to Bissonette Properties
  • Registration fee is $110 due annually (at signing or the time of renewal). If you are paying by check this payment should be made out to the company who owns your property
  • ACH is mandatory for all of our leases (automatic rent payment), these forms should be complete during a lease signing. To complete these forms you will need a voided check or bank documentation to verify your routing and account numbers
  • We do not accept credit or debit card payments