Move In Guidelines

This is the step by step guide to help you move into your new apartment with a smooth and easy transition. This will give you a break down of each step that needs to be taken before moving in.

  • Once you find the apartment you are interested in you will first need to confirm with your roommates (if any) that you are ready to sign a lease. 

  • You will need to put your full security deposit down to hold the apartment from being rented to anyone else.

  • Have all forms filled out and handed in (i.e guarantor's agreement, applications etc.)

  • Next schedule a time where everyone can sign the lease agreement and be ready to pay your first months rent. This is required before you move in.

  • Have all utilities put into your name. Make sure you switch your utilities over before you move in to esure you are all set up for your move.

  • If desired you may schedule an appointment for move-in inspection, we will walk through the apartment with you to document the condition of the apartment upon your move in.