Pet Policy & Insurance

PET POLICY-  Bissonette Properties is a pet friendly Management company and understands the value of having a pet. We ask that you understand the guidelines and are respectful of others.

  1. Any damages or destruction done to the apartment caused by pet(s) are your responsibility to pay for, or to reimburse the owner.
  2. We ask that you pick up after your pet and properly dispose of any waste. 
  3. Any noise complaints by other tenants will be addressed separately, you may be asked to remove your pet from the household if there are continued complaints from others. 

INSURANCE-  Are you insured? It is very important to protect yourself and your personal property with adequate insurance. Your lease provides insurance to your apartment unit only, it does not include insurance for you or your property. We recommend Renters Insurance to protect your belongings. To get more information regarding Renters Insurance call Hickok & Boardman at 658.3500