Move Out Guidelines


                      Please use the following steps as a guideline to vacating your apartment. Please read carefully to ensure you understand the steps and your obligations to allow a smooth transition. First of all we want to say thank you for your business and we hope you have had a positive experience renting with Bissonette Properties.

1.     It is very important to have all your rent paid in full before you move out. You may not use your security deposit as your last months rent. 

2.     Make sure your utilities remain in your name until your move out date. Do not shut off or transfer into any other persons name until you have vacated the apartment. Please be sure you have your water bill paid in full before you leave. If you have a balance left on any of your utilities that will be deducted from your security deposit.

3.     Be sure to remove all your belongings from your apartment, including all furniture and electronics. You may not throw any of these unwanted items in the trash or leave them in the front of the building. These are additional fees and you will be held accountable for these costs.

4.     We do ask that you leave your apartment by 11:00pm on your last day of your lease. If you desire we can schedule a time for a final walk through inspection.

5.     Please leave your apartment in the same condition it was when you first moved in. We are understanding of normal wear and tear, however any excessive cleaning or damages to the apartment will be deducted from your security deposit. The apartment must be cleaned before you have turned in your keys. The following may be additional cleaning deductions:

            a.         Clean all appliances inside & out- including refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher, washers & dryers. Please pull out large appliances and clean behind and underneath. Please note: do not use cleaning products on a self cleaning oven.

           b.         Wash baseboards, trim, walls and doors, including exterior doors. Also clean windows, window sills, window blinds, light fixtures, light switches, vents, air covers/fans.

            c.         Clean toilets, base of toilet, tub, shower, sinks, faucets, counters, backsplash, soap dispensers, vanity, mirrors and floors.

            d.         Wipe out all cabinets, drawers, closets and shelving units.

            e.         Check smoke detectors, and clean out vents.

            f.          Dispose of all trash and boxes. Everything must be out of the unit, sweep porch, front entrance and clean out garage and/or storage space.

            g.         Please mop and clean all flooring, have carpets vacuumed and shampooed (if needed).

            h.         Repair any holes in the walls including nail holes from pictures etc.

            i.          Clean up front and back yard. Including any trash or furniture.

6.     You must return all keys to the apartment as well as mailbox keys and any duplicates you have made back to Bissonette Properties before 12:00 on your move out date. You may leave your keys on the kitchen counter if easiest. Any keys not returned are subject to a charge of $10 per key.

7.     All deductions (if any) will be divided evenly between all tenants, there is no way of knowing what damages each individual has caused or who left items behind. Please be sure all your roommates have abided by these rules so you can avoid any extra costs. In order to receive your security deposit refund, you must:

            a.         Provide your new forwarding address, otherwise checks will be sent to your previous address.

            b.         Be sure to thoroughly clean the apartment and repair any damages that are your responsibility.

            c.         Leave your utilities in your name until the last day of your lease.

            d.         Abide by your Lease Agreement

            e.         Note: a single security check will be issued (mailed if provided a forwarding address) within 14 days of your move out date.

            f.          Please inform Bissonette Properties of which person you choose to have the return check made out to, otherwise, it will be by default.

            g.         If the damages exceed the amount of your damage deposit you will receive a bill and be responsible for the remaining balance.

                     We again want to say thank you for renting with Bissonette Properties and we hope the best for your future!